Which is more dangerous, riding a bike or a car in Indian roads?

Jul 28, 2023
Aarav Khatri
Which is more dangerous, riding a bike or a car in Indian roads?

The Indian Traffic Dramatics: A Context

In an Indian city, you may find a bustling market on one side of the road, a serene temple on the other, chirping birds fluttering overhead, and of course, traffic incessantly honking out a symphony of its own. A peculiar fusion of order and chaos and a symphony of sounds is a routine chapter of Indian city-life. Now, let me bring your attention to another segment of this vibrant theatre called Indian roads - the age-old debate about safety: Riding a bike or a car, which one is more dangerous?

Adventure on Two Wheels: Biking on Indian Roads

Let me take you into the adventurous world of two-wheelers first. Now, bikes have their fair share of enthusiasts who revel in the feeling of wind against their faces and the adrenaline spike as they weave through traffic. Yet, that exhilaration doesn't eliminate the inherent risks. Remember, as a biker, you are directly exposed to the unpredictable elements of the road. A stone, an unexpected pothole, or an oblivious pedestrian can cause harm. Having said this, it's not all gloomy. What biking offers is maneuverability - a crucial ingredient for survival in India's traffic chaos. Bikers have the advantage of being able to escape sticky situations faster than their four-wheeled counterparts.

The Safe Haven of Four Wheels: Cars on Indian Roads

Let's change the gear and venture into the realm of the four wheels. Cars, often considered safer, cocoon you in a metal shield. They protect you from the direct onslaught of external factors. You got airbags, a safety belt, and even the idea of more space feels assuring. But does it mean that driving a car is hazard-free? Not quite. If you consider certain paradigms like highway drives or the famous summer monsoon fusion, cars turn out to be pretty challenging as a travel medium. Moreover, the increasing propensity for bigger vehicles compounds the issue of space management, a scarce resource in Indian roads.

The Enigmatic Role of Skill

The next question we should ask ourselves now is - How major a role does skill play in this narrative? Skill, my friends, has the power to turn the tables in the most difficult circumstances. A skilled driver or a rider can navigate through even the most treacherous roads safely. So, is it safe to say that with the right skill, either of the vehicles can be safe? To a large extent, yes. But remember, skill alone cannot overcome all adversities. A sudden breakdown, an unforeseen event or even a so-called 'educated' pedestrian obliviously flaunting his uncanny desire to cross the road can test your abilities to the hilt.

Rules and Norms: Friends or Foes?

Indian roads pulsate with their own unique rhythm, a choreography curated by an understanding of unsaid rules and norms, and their selective implementation. In this ballet, the traffic lights seem to be more suggestive rather than directive, and pedestrians appear convinced they possess an invisible shield. These unofficial norms tend to skew the safety equation between bikers and car drivers, add to the unpredictability, and thus the risks. It's like playing a game where the rules keep changing!

The Dilemma of Decision: Biking Versus Driving

Aarav is just a name. But this Aarav is you, me, the student who anxiously awaits his first bike's key, the man who dreams of a car while struggling in public transport, and the woman who conquers challenges behind her boss steering wheel. We, like Aarav, all face this dilemma of making that decision. Should we continue to taste the adrenaline of two wheels or embrace the comforting hug of the car seat? Both modes come with their challenges and appeals. Weighing the benefits and risks, one should make a decision closer to their comfort, competence, and readiness to face the vibrant unpredictability of Indian roads.

Stay Safe, Stay Alert: A Mantra for Indian Roads

Now, if there's one thing that can be a common defense against the uncertainties of Indian roads, it's the mantra - stay safe, stay alert. Wear your safety gear, respect the traffic rules, and most importantly, remain mindful of your surroundings. The Indian roads might be a canvas of colors and sounds, but at their heart, they are a test of your patience, presence of mind, and driver's skill. No matter what your vehicle of choice may be, remember, on these roads, your safety is primarily in your hands.