Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony Tickets How to Buy Ticket Guide

Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony: The Olympics take place once in four years and witnessing this event live is an experience you shouldn’t miss. If you’re in Rio between the 5th of August to the 21st, try and check out some of the sporting events here. It’s a pleasure to watch all the events here see the athletes compete for the first place. There’s no other place you will get to witness so many sportspersons under one roof.

If you want to see them all, the best thing to do is to attend the closing ceremony. This ceremony is held on the last day of the Olympics which is the 21st of August.

How To Buy Tickets for Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony

Apart from the sportspersons and some great starts in the world of sports you will also get to see some live performances and singers who come here to perform for the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony is a grant event that includes all the countries participating in the last walk. It is an evening filled with entertainment and fun. This is an event you don’t get to witness every now and then and is something you should consider checking out.

Rio Olympics 2016 Closing Ceremony Ticket Price

You can buy the tickets from websites such as Rio Olympics 2016. The cost of each ticket starts at $671 and it goes up to $3,000. While the lower tickets will get you tickets that are farthest away from the stadium, the ones that are higher priced are closer to the stadium and you will manage to witness the event more prominently.

Updated: October 1, 2016 — 3:00 pm

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